Now you can deepen your relationship to your Savior,
daily renew your faith, and become the
dynamic, empowered Christian
that God wants you to be!


You see, I totally believe in the power of the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations Program. But I also know how difficult it was for me when I first started trying to contemplate the affirmations for myself. 

In the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations Program, you contemplate  each day's affirmation for about 10 minutes. Not a long time, but, boy, those few minutes can seem like forever when there are other things that you should/could/want to be doing.

When I started the program, I had the hardest time focusing on the affirmation for that day. I'd sit there and think:

"Well, I wonder how much time has past?"

Then I'd say to myself,

"Oh, come on, Angela, not much more that a few seconds even though it seems like several minutes!"

So, I'd try to focus again and but quickly found myself thinking of something else.

You know what I mean. It's difficult to stay focused and contemplate on an affirmation that is written on a piece of paper.

But now, you can do it differently...

I got so frustrated that I created a slide show with the affirmations, recorded some music, and, voila! Now, I just watch the video and listen to the affirmations. They are soothing, comforting and, well, empowering!

 Now you can easily contemplate the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations with the

40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmation Videos

Available as an immediate download 
or order them on DVD


Imagine popping a video into your computer and

watching inspiring slides,

listening to relaxing music,

hearing a soothing voice narrate

gentle, relaxing and uplifting affirmations

No need to focus on a written affirmation and quiet your mind amid the busyness of your day.

Just listen and let yourself be led into a contemplative state easily and effortlessly. This is a gift, purely for you.


Know that you can do all things
through Christ who strengthens you


It is done unto us as we believe,
so by changing your thinking, you can actually experience the promises that God has made to us that:

You are a divine child of God and He loves you unconditionally

Through your faith in your Savior, Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven
and washed away as if they never happened!

God's greatest pleasure is to give you the Kingdom

Holy Spirit walks is with you always and you can experience
His presence everyday of your life

By daily communing with God, you will experience
Joy, Peace of Mind, Creativity Passion and Excitement!


Add to that the
power of subliminal messages
underneath the music,
and you have a formula for a simple,
yet powerful method to...


Subliminal tracks reinforce the power of the affirmations:
A subliminal backing track is included on the audio portion of the videos with statements taken directly from the affirmations. You won't be able to hear them, but your subconscious will!

So, not only do you have soothing music and a narration of each day's affirmations, but the same messages are subliminally programmed so that your subconscious mind picks them up easily. This deepens the effect much more quickly.

Why 40 days?
When a belief seeps deeply into our inner mind, we experience it in our outer lives as if it is being done to us. Some of our deeply held beliefs originated in childhood and we do not even realize that they hold us back from knowing that we are divine, beloved children of God.

As taught in mystical tradition, it takes 40 days to change one's deeply held beliefs and, therefore, one's experiences in his or her daily life.

In other words, when you repeat an affirmation consistently for 40 days, it seeps into your deeper mind. In 40 days you will have replaced your unhealthy and unproductive beliefs, those you had no control over, with empowering beliefs, and you will start to experience the life you've always craved.

All you have to do is:

  • Watch beautiful, inspirational slides  
  • Listen to gentle music and a soothing voice narrating the contemplation and affirmations  
  • Gently relax and enjoy the relaxation and uplifting messages  
  • You can read the text on the slides, or just close your eyes  
  • Experience your spirit and faith being renewed and empowered 

You will see amazing changes in your life as you continue the program.

One side effect of the videos is a sense of peace and relaxation that will follow you throughout the day. You'll find yourself looking forward to watching and/or listening to the video every morning and evening!

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How Does the 40-Day Prosperity Meditation Program Work?

  1. The program consists of 10 videos, approximately 10 minutes each. Start with Day 1, and on each subsequent day, watch the next video.
  2. Each video starts with a short, calming meditation, followed by the affirmation for that day. 
  3. Each day, a new affirmation is added to the previous days' affirmations. 
  4. After listening to the affirmations, just watch the remaining slides, or close your eyes, and listen to the music. 
  5. Watch one video each day for a total of 10 days.  Then repeat, starting with Video #1 and ending on Video #10, three more times (four times altogether) for a total of 40 days. 
  6. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings during the 40 days. You will be able to tell a difference in your thoughts and attitudes very quickly. 


What's On the Videos?
Each video contains the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Program. It will help you focus your mind and help you start to relax.

After the meditation, the affirmations are spoken. Video 1 contains the first affirmation. Video 2 contains the first and second affirmations. Video 3 contains the first, second and third affirmations. And so on.

After completing the 10-day series, start over again with Video 1. Repeat until you've watched the videos for 40 days.

Watch a sample from YouTube of the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations



Download the videos right onto your computer!

You can buy the videos for immediate download for Windows or Mac, or if you prefer, you can order the videos in HD on DVD.

The 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations program is also available in mp3. Download the audio files or order the CD.

For a limited time, the mp3 tracks are free with your purchase of the videos.

What's included with the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations Program?

  1. 10 Videos for your computer - one for each day, each video lasting about 10 minutes. The 10 videos are to be repeated four times for a total of 40 days. 
  2. How-to-Guide - to get the most benefit from the 40-day program. The guide is in .pdf format, so you can print it out, and includes the meditation and affirmations that are spoken in the video. 
  3. The Subliminal messages - spoken on the backing track. These are also included in .pdf format. Feel free to print them out and use one or more of them throughout the day as affirmations. 
  4. Free e-report, Silent Subliminals: Do They Really Work? - also in .pdf format. 
  5. Essential Diary Software - keep a journal of your 40-Day Prosperity journey right on your computer. Easily fill it in immediately after watching that day's video.
  6. For a limited time, receive the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmations in audio format. Listen to them anytime during the day to increase their effectiveness.


So, how much is this program, you ask?

Good question.

There are ten videos in this 40-Day Prosperity Meditation Program. Each video is about 10 minutes long. Each video has powerful affirmations and subliminal messages included.

You can download the videos to use immediately. They are large files, about 300 megs each, so allow time to download and only download them if you have wifi or broadband.

Or, order the videos on DVD to watch on your computer if you prefer.

On top of that, you get the free diary software for your computer to keep a journal of your experience.


I've only started offering these videos online, and I plan to sell them for $47. But for a limited time, these videos are not $47, they're not $27.

I'm selling them today for only $17 (USD)! And that includes the audio mp3's!

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Money Clad Guarantee


And you also get my ironclad guarantee.

For the next 60 days, if for any reason you don't feel that you've received any benefits from the 40-Day Christian Empowerment Affirmation Program, just contact me and I will send you your money back.


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