Now you can personally know and experience ... 

the Power of Jesus in your life

the Love of God in your heart


how to walk in the Light of the Holy Spirit

in just 7 Days!!


 Christian Transformation Through the Power of the Holy Spirit


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Do you struggle to believe that God truly loves you?

Deep down, do you feel that you're not worthy to receive His love?

Do you live in quiet desperation believing that
you do not deserve the blessings He pours out to you?

  • By believing that humans are born evil, we have become evil

  • By believing that we don't deserve God's Love, we "hide our light under a bushel" and don't accomplish our dreams

  • By believing that God is always looking to punish us, we live in constant fear and anger  


    But, I'm just a sinner!

    Is it not written that Jesus Christ came to save us from our sins? That by accepting Him as our Savior, our sins are washed away and forgotten?

    Yes, even after being saved, we still make mistakes, we are still tempted and occasionally succumb, but we are no longer unsaved sinners and so should stop saying we are!

    When we know that we are divine children of God, created in His image; when we know that our sins are forgotten and we only need to pick ourselves back up after falling - again, and when we know that God deeply loves us, we can live in love, harmony, peace and joy, and this will be reflected in our relationships, our day-to-day lives, and in our hearts and minds.

    I, too, grew up with that old belief system. I, too, struggled with the lack of self-worth and self-respect, and the inability to trust and love others. And I couldn't figure out why other church members had their prayers answered, why their lives were filled with love, prosperity and joy, yet I was so miserable.


    "Whatever ye ask for in my name ..."


    One evening as I was reading the Bible, I came across several verses praising God's power, strength and love in the ancient writer's life. As I read those passages, I briefly felt uplifted, forgiven and empowered. A spark of hope flickered in my heart as a deep, hidden faith was rekindled.

    I began writing affirmations based on the verses that I had read and I started saying them to myself throughout the following days. Almost immediately, I felt uplifted and stronger.

    As I continued saying the affirmations, my life changed dramatically. Over time, I came to understand the Truth that Jesus came here to give us. The Truth that he told us so many times in his words, but that humanity didn't understand or downright ignored. It's all there in the Bible.


    Become truly empowered through Christ

    I found that seven affirmations based on scripture, when followed in sequence, would gradually begin to change our negative, debilitating beliefs into a powerful knowledge and understanding of Christ's message.

    Not only would we be strengthened by the power of Christ, but our relationship to the Holy Spirit would deepen and we would never feel alone again.


    "Be still and know that I am God"

    Just 10 minutes contemplating the affirmation for that day, transformed my life to live in the awareness of the Light and Love that God intended me to live.

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    That is how Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit came to be.

    My faith, and the spiritual power of the Lord, helped me create these affirmations which have deepened my understanding of Christ's teachings and my relationship to the Holy Spirit.

    Now you can experience this life-changing program!

    Download your free PDF of the 7-day program, Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

    How would it feel to really know that God loves you?

    How empowering would it be to know that the Holy Spirit is there
    with you at all times,
    guiding you, loving you, and empowering you
    with the Light of Christ?

    These powerful affirmations did just that for me. And they will instill within you a deep knowing and understanding that:

    • You are a divine child of your Heavenly Father

    • Your sins are completely forgotten because of your Savior Jesus Christ

    • The Holy Spirit is with you always, empowering you with the strength and power of Christ 

    No longer will you feel that you are not worthy, no longer will you "hide your light under a bushel." You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

    Think how much you can accomplish when you know that Christ's power is at the center of your being, empowering you, instilling within you an awareness of His presence in your life, His Love, Peace and Joy.


    Now you can deepen your relationship to your Savior,

    Daily renew your faith, and

    Become the dynamic, empowered Christian

    that God wants you to be!



    What is in the program and
    How will it change my life?

    • This program consists of seven affirmations, one for each day.

      Seven is a very spiritual number and God uses that number throughout the Bible. This 7-Day program was created around the transformative and renewing significance of the number 7.

    • Every day for the next week, read or say the affirmation for that day. Contemplate the affirmation for 10 minutes or so in the morning and evenings. You may want to have gentle meditation music playing quietly.

    • Repeat the affirmation for that day periodically throughout the day so that it will continue to work its transforming effects in your life.

    You will soon become aware of and embrace the power of Christ within you. His power will strengthen you so that you can do anything that you need or want to do to enrich your life or the lives of others.


    You will come to understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is at the center of your being, and is a place of spiritual peace, joy and power that will lift you above all fear and dark emotions.


    I completely believe in the transforming power of the Christian Transformation affirmations program because I have used it and it has changed my life!

    And it will change your life, too, I know it.

    You will live your life as an example to others of the wonderful blessings of God!

    By repeating and absorbing the power of the affirmations, you will begin to see changes in yourself almost immediately. You will easily open yourself to the forgiveness, faith and blessings promised to you by your Heavenly Father.


     Christian Transformation:
    Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit

    Download the PDF, print it out, and carry the affirmations with you throughout the day.

    Feel the power of Christ uplifting you

    Experience Joy, Peace, Love and Creativity

    Know that you a deeply loved child of God

    It is done unto us as we believe, so by changing your continuous thoughts, you can actually experience the promises that God has made to us that:

    • You are a divine child of God and He loves you unconditionally

    • Through your faith in your Savior, Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven and washed away as if they never happened!

    • God's greatest pleasure is to give you the Kingdom

    • Holy Spirit walks with you always and you can experience His presence everyday of your life

    • By daily communing with God, you will experience
      Joy, Peace of Mind, Creativity Passion and Excitement!


    Contemplate the affirmations and allow the message of God's unconditional love empower you. Experience your spirit and faith being renewed and transformed.


      Christian Transformation
    Through the Power of the Holy Spirit

    About Angela Parish:


    Self-forgiveness and Christian Transformation and Empowerment are my passions. I know firsthand the difficulty that many people have due to lack of self-esteem, and I have made it my mission to bring the message of Christ's love and power to as many people as possible.


    I have studied the teachings of Jesus Christ and also New Thought principles for over 30 years. Thanks to so many loving people in my life, I have been able to develop my message and share it with so many others.

     I pray for your blessings. I pray for your continued spiritual growth in Christ. I pray for your deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit.

    Yours in Christ

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    Christian Transformation Meditation Video

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    Transform your life through the power of Jesus Christ

    Know that you are a divine child of your Heavenly Father and He loves you unconditionally

    Allow the Power of Christ to strengthen you to do and be anything you have ever dreamed of

    See the video on YouTube

    Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ Through the Holy Spirit