Through the inspiration of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Christian Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Practice, I have created Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit. This is a 7-Day program to help you know that you are loved unconditionally, and that your sins are forever washed away through your Savior, Jesus Christ.

This program is also designed to deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I want to share this powerful 7-day program with you, and will send it to you for free.

 Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit


 Seven is a highly spiritual number and is used throughout the Bible. This program was designed based on the transformative significance of the number 7. 

"I can do all things through
who strengthens me."


Imagine feeling so empowered in Christ that you can accomplish any of your goals, perform your work to your highest ability, enrich your relationships, and do whatever you want and need to do knowing that God's love and power is steering your direction and you feel His presence throughout the day.


"God's greatest pleasure is to give you the Kingdom."


Christian Transformation PDF

Be empowered by the Love and Joy and Peace of the Savior in your life.

Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit is 7-Day powerful program that will help you grow closer to your Savior and the Holy Spirit, and deepen your spirituality.

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God wants us to receive His blessings,
to live in His love, and to experience
His abundance and prosperity
poured out to all who love Him.

But do you believe that yourself?
Do you know that within your heart of hearts?
Do you live with that knowledge every day?

It's one thing to say the words
and another thing to actually believe them,
and still another to know those words as Truth
and to live with their vital influence.


Empower your life with the 7-Day program -
Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit


The Christian Transformation program is designed to help you understand and know that God loves you, that your sins are forgiven through the love of your Savior, Jesus Christ, and will help deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

This program is designed and created for you to know that you have the power of Jesus within you, and the comfort of Holy Spirit to lift you and propel you to your goals, your desires and your deeply felt needs.

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Christian Transformation: Embracing the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit

These positive, loving and powerful affirmations are Biblically supported. The program consists of a meditative contemplation spoken silently, out loud, or written, then followed by an affirmation for the day. There are 7 affirmations, one for each day. After the first 7 days, you will repeat them as often as you like.

By contemplating the day's affirmation for about 10 minutes once or twice during the day, you will begin to feel God's power lift your spirits, assuring you that you are loved and valued as a divine child of a loving Father.

These affirmations will help you:


Know that you are worthy to receive God's Kingdom, including prosperity and abundance 

Deepen your faith in the power of your Savior in your life 

Enrich your relationship with Holy Spirit 

Experience Joy, Peace of Mind, Creativity
Passion and Excitement



The PDF is free, but I also have created a

7-Day video series of the

Christian Transformation program.

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